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Shelley’s schools, called New Life Vocational Center, is a unique 1 year program that teaches them Bible, Math, English, Health and Business, as well as a vocation. Our first school has been a great success as we see our girls coming alive and flourishing. We want to see even more girls given an opportunity to reach her God-given potential. 

Shelley’s vision is not small, but a God-sized vision: to reach into as many rural communities as possible with both education and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are praying a big prayer such as Jabez did! Will you pray big with us?

Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory!”… …. 1 Chronicles 4:10


Upon hearing story after story of the struggle and plight of girls living in rural Uganda, Shelley knew what her ministry would be: Educate and train village girls and share Christ with them.  These Ugandan girls have few choices but a life of being married off at a young age, bearing children while they are still babes themselves, engaging in excruciatingly hard work and often suffering abuse.

God has given Shelley a vision and a heart to bring education to where the girls are; deep in rural Uganda.  Places where girls don’t get an opportunity at a second-chance.  Places where girls can’t get further training or continue their education.  Places where teenage girls dreams die.

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Matt's ministry is mentoring and discipling pastors.  Not ever having been discipled themselves, Matt takes the time to meet with pastors to study the Bible, to pray, to get to know their families, and of course visit their churches.  One of his main goals is to get the pastors to make disciples themselves.  Although a large component of Matt's ministry is theological education and leadership, his focus is not "information," but “transformation."  

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Another ministry is Farming God’s Way.  Farming God’s Way (FGW) is a unique program and evangelism tool that uses the Bible and creation to teach better farming practices.  One of the biggest problems in Uganda is reoccurring famine.  Matt’s goal is to train his pastors in FGW so that they can better sustain themselves and their families, train the members in their communities and reach new hearts for Christ.  FGW improves the soil and can yield up to 4 times the harvest! You can learn more at