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Luz Mary G. is excited to be earning money at Hands of Hope to help put her two sons through school. Her husband works out of town so she is basically raising her boys on her own.  She loves getting reinforcement from our foundation to help raise them.

Luz Mary L. has been with Hands of Hope since its inception.  She is an integral part of keeping things going at the foundation.  Her love and dedication make her a joy to work with.

Gloria is 20 years old and has two little ones.  They can often be found under feet as Gloria works.  Gloria is excited at the new opportunities to better her and her children's lives that Hands of Hope has given her. She is from the Embera Chami tribe.

Maria Otilia is such a joy to have around.  Her smile is contagious!  She has been displaced due to the violence that broke out in her region.  Her father was killed by the guerrilla, forcing her to flee for safety. She has found love and hope for a brighter future at Hands of Hope.  She is from the Embera Chami tribe.

Nelly has stolen our hearts!  Her sense of humor keeps things light around Hands of Hope.  She is doing an amazing job raising her son and daughter.  

Raquel has four kids and lives next door to Hands of Hope.  She has a keen eye for design and has been a wonderful addition to our work.  We have great plans for Raquel!

Ligia has three children with which one has special needs.  She is amazingly strong as she takes her daughter to various medical appointments each week.  Her earnings from Hands of Hope have better enabled her to care for her precious daughter's various medical needs.

Belén is our little spitfire.  She stands no more than 4'11” but could take you down with one blow.  We love her spunkiness around Hands of Hope.  She is raising her grandsons Jensen and  Jonathan.  Her earnings help her raise these two little boys.

Mirian is our most recent addition.  She once was suspicious of us but now is happily earning a fair wage to help her better raise her four children.  She is from the Embera Chami tribe.