Purchasing and Ordering

Contact Shelley at sales@hope58.org 

(Instructions for making a payment are below)


All of our jewelry is original and hand-made, no two products are alike!  Therefore, our webpage shows products of examples of what we can make, although what is actually on the webpage may have already been sold. 

When ordering, please contact us through email with a description of what you would like and we will get it to as soon as possible.  

Please contact Shelley at Sales@hope58.org for all your ordering and pricing needs! 

Instructions For Making A Payment: 

In order to make a payment to Hands of Hope please use your PayPal account


  • When you login into your PayPal account, use the tab "Send Payment." 
  • In the "To" (email) box write: sales@hope58.org
  • In the Amount box write the amount due for your purchases. 
  • Click "Continue." 
  • If PayPal asks you for a shipping address, choose the last one, "No Shipping Required"  option.

Pay with check


Because Hands of Hope is based in Colombia, S. America, checks are difficult for us to process and therefore we prefer Paypal.  However, if you don't have a PayPal account, then please use the following:

  • Make the check out to Matthew Actis and write account #0001200562 on the back.
  • Send to:  ECCU Bank, PO Box 1239 Brea, CA  92822