A little about our products:

  • All jewelry and other products are lovingly made by the women at Hands of Hope.
  • The paper beaded jewelry is made by hand from recycled magazines and other paper. The beads have been varnished to protect them and are water resistant but NOT waterproof.
  • Therefore, submerging them in water should be avoided!
  • The seed bead jewelry is all strung by hand by our women from the Embera Chami tribe in Colombia.
  • All jewelry is hand made so there are slight imperfections that enhance the nature of the jewelry.
  • Since the jewelry is hand made of recycled and sustainable (seeds) materials, there are no two exactly alike.

Welcome to the Box of Hope page!

Set em free

This page is dedicated to those who are willing to be a part of the Hands of Hope vision and mission:

Setting "the least of these" free from the grips of poverty. 

By hosting a Box of Hope party at your home, you are helping to "set them free!" 

First, please watch the video below to learn more about our foundation.

Thank you for choosing to be “Hope Ambassadors!"

Here’s what we need:

  • A heart ready to serve the “least of these.”

  • An excitement for how Hands of Hope is helping to change lives.

  • A willingness to open your home for a party.

  • To familiarize yourself with our work via facebook (Actis.Mission) and our webpage hope58.org

  • A willingness to share your ideas and suggestions with us as how we can better our products and presentation.

Tips for hosting a successful party:

  • Set a date and time that works well for your group (ie Friday evening or Sunday after church).

  • Get creative with your event (ie Girls night out, A Sunday afternoon tea, A Christmas boutique).

  • Send out invitations in advance (minimum 2 weeks).

  • Have fun with the presentation of the products (use props such as cake plates, baskets etc).

  • Be well prepared in your presentation of Hands of Hope (show the video above).

  • Serve yummy refreshments.


Who do I send the money to?/How do I collect the money from the guests?

  • You can collect all the money and make one payment through PayPal, or by mailing one check.

  • Go to http://hope58.org/ordering for directions.

  • Please have them write a check made out to you or give you cash the night of the sale.

How long do I have to sell the jewelry?

  • Please have your party within 2 months of receiving your box, please send me the date of your party (sales@hope58.org)
  • Please send in the money from the sale within 7 days after your party, this will ensure we can pay the women in a timely manner
  • Please send back the unsold jewelry within 7 days after your party.

How much of the proceeds go to Hands of Hope?

  • 100% goes to the women and Hands of Hope.

Am I obligated to buy the left over jewelry?

  • Absolutely not

How can we order more jewelry?

  • Contact Shelley Actis at Sales@Hope58.org